Welcome to Strensham

This site is primarily for the residents of Strensham, Upper Strensham, and Lower Strensham in the County of Worcestershire. However, anyone is welcome to browse the site.


For the local weather forecast here is the link to the BBC Weather site.

If you have anything to contribute to the site, forthcoming events, items of interest, suggested additions or improvements to the site, or are interested in assisting with its running, contact the webmaster

Southbound Services

It appears that the access to the southbound services will be controlled by an electronic barrier from the middle of March this year. This is a stipulation due to the changes currently being undertaken.

The numbers are:

Northbound: UP
Southbound: UP

Design Update

The Beta version of a new site design can be found by clicking HERE. Please pass any comments (good or bad), or suggestions to the webmaster