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Welcome to Strensham

I expect that I am not alone in receiving a letter offering me the chance to join Having become a cynical and untrusting GOG I thought I would have a look at them.

The link supplied leads to their sign-up section which I immediately came out of due to the questions asking about name, address, email, etc. so I thought some research was required. If you look at some review sites there are lots of people who were as suspicious as me but, if you look further their suspicions have been answered respectfully and quite fully, including offering to enter into discussion about any points of worry.

In addition, you can find articles such as this one from the BBC and their application is now available on the Apple App Store where they get a 4.7 out of 5 rating. I have also not managed to find any sites where they are listed as being anything other than genuine. However, as with all social media sites check through them thoroughly to see exactly what details you are sharing, and to whom!

If you want to contact me with any further information about this app/site you can, as always, email me by clicking on this link


For the local weather forecast here is the link to the BBC Weather site.


Emily who lives in Strensham, has been holding drama classes in the Village Hall for Children, these sessions have proved to be very popular and so Emily has decided to extend the age range and start a class for adults, if you are interested in getting involved please email Emily or visit

The numbers are:

Northbound: Up
Southbound: Up