Welcome to Strensham

Regular users will notice that the site has now been re-designed, and a few changes made to content access.

These changes have been done to split the site into the areas for the general public and those more specifically for residents - all of which has required some extensive re-programming. Residents will be able to register and then login to gain access to their area. While some pages are open to all, only residents will have access to the full facilities - e.g. Items for sale - anyone can see the items and contact the seller but only residents can offer items for sale.

All functionality has been checked but if you find any part of the site that is not working how you would expect (or want) it please contact The Webmaster.

If you have anything to contribute to the site, forthcoming events, items of interest, suggested additions or improvements to the site, or are interested in assisting with its running, contact the webmaster

Village Hall Information

If you'd like to receive the newsletter, and any other Village Hall information, via email please send an email to villagehall@strensham.com and we'll add you to our distribution list. We won't share your details, or use them, other than for Village Hall related information.


For the local weather forecast here is the link to the BBC Weather site.

The numbers are:

Northbound: Up
Southbound: Up