A Diverse List of Recipes

Recipe Name Description
AFELIA Pork with Coriander and wine

Afelia (2) A little less fiddly than the previous

Aromatic tail end of beef fillet, oyster mushrooms, pak choi and sloe gin sauce Go easy on the sloe gin!

Asparagus, pea and leek tart Veggie special

Beef and creamy leek potatoes Quick and easy

Beef Stifado Another Cypriot Classic

Chicken a lo cacciatore with polenta No one does chicken like the Italians

Chicken, lemon and black olive paste with leek and saffron risotto Guess this one's country of origin

Chocolate mousse with caramelised oranges A classic combined taste

Cold chicken and pepper risotto (risotto freddo di pollo) Another Italian chicken dish

Confit fillet of cod, truffle mash, seared foie gras, port reduction This one denudes the port collection

Egg and bacon salad Quick and Simple

Herby Meat Pittas A delicious filling for Pittas

Honey flapjacks Children love making and eating these

Koupepia Dolmades or Stuffed Vine leaves

Lamb with Missouri dry BBQ rub Try with salad or vegetables

Lemon Grass Panna Cotta Halfway between a herb and a vegetable, lemon grass is associated with South-east Asian cooking but …

Lemon roasted pork chops with a warm aubergine and potato salad Something a little different for lunch or supper

Minced chicken stir-fried with basil Asian dish

Orange braised lamb shanks Thanks to H F-W

Pan-roasted wood pigeon breast with parsnip purée, pickled beetroot and baby turnips Ingredients from mother earth

Peppered fillet of beef with sweet roast shallots and brandy cream sauce For those special dinner parties

Poached leg of mutton with a caper cream sauce The forgotten meat

Raspberry with crispy chocolate and champagne ice Exotic

Roast duck with crispy duck hash and local beer gravy, spring greens and glazed carrots The duck legs can be baked submerged in goosefat for 1 1/2-2 hours. This protects the flesh from becoming too dry. If roasting as listed in method, the legs placed on a wire rack in a baking tray prevents the flesh from drying and over-crisping.

Soused mackerel with apple purèe and jelly, sautéd scallops and hazelnut and praline milk Mackerel reminds me of holidays in Devon & Cornwall

Souvla and Souvlaki The national pastime of Cypriots is the cooking process and eating of Souvla and Souvlaki

Steamed salmon with herby new potatoes Sounds so simple

Strawberry Gazpacho Even I could do this one

Tagine of lamb Inspired by North Africa

Tahini Dip The standard Tahini dip

Tavva Baked Lamb & Potatoes (or rice) with Tomatoes and Onions

Whisky apple deco Hic

White chocolate délice, pumpkin and cardamom choux buns, bitter chocolate sorbet Fiddly but nice