Raspberry with crispy chocolate and champagne ice

Serves: 8 PrepTime: CookTime:

For the raspberry sauce
500g fresh raspberries
Caster sugar
Juice of one lemon
Crème de framboise
For the crispy chocolate discs
200g dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa solids)
200g white chocolate
1-2 handfuls cornflakes, crushed
For the raspberry foam
1 leaf gelatine, soaked in water
300g raspberry sauce (see above)
Shot of crème de framboise
For the white chocolate mousse
15g caster sugar
4 egg yolks
90g butter, melted
190g white chocolate
50g peach liqueur
500g whipped cream
For the Champagne ice
600ml Champagne
300g sugar
300g butter
6 egg yolks
Lemon juice
For garnish
Whole raspberries, macerated in crème de framboise


For the raspberry sauce, blend all sauce ingredients together. Sieve.

For the crispy chocolate discs, melt dark and white chocolate in separate bowls. Divide cornflakes equally and mix half into dark chocolate, half into white chocolate. Shape into circles and cool on non-stick sheet.

For the raspberry foam, put gelatine, sauce and crème de framboise in an ISI (espuma) bottle with one ISI gas charger. Cool and charge. Put in the fridge. Before use, shake the bottle.

For the white chocolate mousse, whisk sugar and yolks together. Then slowly add the melted butter, white chocolate and peach liqueur to it. Before it sets, fold in whipped cream.

For the Champagne ice, gently heat the Champagne with sugar up to 60°C, put the butter into the Champagne and increase the temperature to 80°C. After that, blend the yolks in the Champagne off the heat. Put a dash of lemon juice into it, and freeze the warm ingredients in an ice-cream machine.

To plate, first make a circle with the raspberry sauce on the plate. Place a dark chocolate crisp in the middle, then top it with a circle of macerated raspberries and fill the circle with the white chocolate mousse. Top with another dark chocolate crisp.

Repeat the circle of raspberries, but this time fill the circle with the Champagne ice. Top with white chocolate crisp. Finally, top with raspberry foam from the ISI bottle and half-circle of dark chocolate crisp.