Confit fillet of cod, truffle mash, seared foie gras, port reduction

Serves: 4 PrepTime: CookTime:

80ml port reduction (see note below)
2 large red potatoes
30ml milk
180g butter
20g shallots
20g Périgord truffles
Duck fat
400g approx extra large cod fillet
Fleur de sel
150g trompettes des morts
1tsp crushed garlic
320g foie gras
Port reduction - reduce two bottles port, one bottle red wine, five shallots. Reduce five litres of clarified veal stock and add to the reduced port. Makes about one litre. Store in a bottle.


Truffle mash - peel and dice the potatoes. Bring to the boil and cook slowly at 90°C until tender. Strain and pass through a sieve. Add a third of the butter and warm milk until creamy. Pass through a chinois. Sweat finely diced shallots in a third of the butter until they emulsify. Add 20g finely grated truffles and season. Keep warm.

Confit cod - season the cod with fleur de sel the day before. To order, place the cod in duck fat to cover at 56°C for eight minutes. It will flake at the natural seams.

Trompettes - wash trompettes des morts in lukewarm water. Cut into fine strips. Saut‚ them in a little butter with seasoning, thyme and garlic until the liquid has evaporated and they begin to fry.

To serve

Mark the plate from corner to corner with the port reduction. Warm mash and add one spoonful of truffle mixture. Spoon into the centre of the plate. Place trompettes in each corner of the plate. Drain cod from the duck fat and separate flakes. Put a few flakes of the cod at end of each plate. Cut the foie gras in four, score the presentation side, sear until crisp, put on top of the mash and serve.