Afelia (2)

Serves: 4 PrepTime: 30 mins CookTime: 1 hr

2lb lean pork without bone and cubed.
200 ml red wine.
tablespoon coriander seeds lightly crushed.
1 stick cinnamon
6 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper - lots of ground pepper.


Make marinade from cinnamon, coriander seeds, salt, pepper, wine and pour over pork. Refrigerate overnight.

Lift meat out of marinade. Heat oil in a heavy based pan and brown meat a few at a time. Add more oil if necessary.

Wipe excess oil from pan return all meat and reserved marinade and enough cold water to cover meat.

Bring to boil cover pan with lid and reduce heat cook gently for 30 minutes until tender. Most of liquid should have evaporated to leave a thick sauce. If not continue to cook uncovered until excess liquid has gone. Garnish with parsley.

Tips: Add thin strips onion to oil and lightly brown after last batch of meat.