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Dogs, Ducks and the Strensham Court Mews "Lake"

We have been fighting a severe duck weed and algae infestation of our "Lake".
Richie Sayers has led the project involving financial commitment as well as a huge amount of time and physical effort to clear and restore it.
A key part of keeping it clear has been to purchase families of domesticated ducks that have had their wings clipped so they cannot fly away. Again Richie has provided the leadership on this and he and Teresa have been looking after and settling them into their new home successfully.
There have been a couple of instances where unaccompanied dogs have come from the woods and “worried” the ducks, chasing and barking at them. The ducks are tame and defenceless and if Teresa had not intervened they might have been harmed and not able to make it to the water and only just escape.
We would be very grateful if our neighbours and friends in the village who walk dogs in the woods could try to stop them running through to the lake area and worrying or attacking the ducks as they are defenceless and vulnerable. We would very much appreciate cooperation and support with this and owners being aware and if necessary, putting their dogs on leads when they are in the lake area.


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